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Welcome to Christmas 2013

Have you been a good little boy or girl this year? Santa knows. Can't wait to tell him what you want? Don't wait! Tell him right now. Step up to the keyboard and whisper into Santa's ear.
Dec 03 2013 23:03 Pssst Santa, Rich wants...
I know this is forbidden, but I was just working on a different website when I came across 2012. You don't have to post, but I've changed the santa graphic and found myself suddenly in the Christmas spirit.

Two words for a gift? Cant do it, but I'll try to be obscure...
fermeted not-quite-raisins of the sanguine variety.
Sliced pieces of cardboard in colorful and related patterns.

Santa thinks you might find it here.
Dec 03 2013 23:10 Pssst Santa, Joanna wants...
Thank you Rich! Christmas isn't Christmas without Santa and DiMuzio.org
Dec 04 2013 09:11 Pssst Santa, Joanna wants...
two words: Little Birdy
Dec 05 2013 20:33 Pssst Santa, Mum wants...
hyphenated words count as one, don't they? so, any of the following suggestions need to go with the color black and/or can be plaid:
1) cotton-knit sleep-bottoms
2) cook's apparel-protector
Dec 07 2013 10:53 Pssst Santa, Chris wants...
1.) Goat farm

2.) sharp and steel
3.) CH3OH
Dec 07 2013 10:59 Pssst Santa, Corinne wants...
1.) fragrant floral
2.) practical blue
Dec 07 2013 12:44 Pssst Santa, Todd wants...
1) Rainforest Currency
2) Tennis Orbs
3) World Peace
Dec 07 2013 12:53 Pssst Santa, Clare wants...
1)turning head to keep you in tune
2)flower strainer/PAN (what?)
3)Global Zen
Dec 07 2013 12:54 Pssst Santa, Clare wants...
1) City of Books
2) Sweet Parishables
Dec 08 2013 21:23 Pssst Santa, Skip wants...
yellow-boxed hole-makers
Dec 09 2013 11:07 Pssst Santa, Sarah wants...
1) meSongs currency
2) fuzzy torso-skin
3) papery bound-things
Dec 09 2013 21:30 Pssst Santa, Sallie wants...
Hello all. Whirled peas
Rainforest dinero
spun sheep hair
Nightwear xl
Dec 14 2013 11:27 Pssst Santa, Andy wants...
1.warm head-topper
2.eden hand-covers
3.citrus or almond body-emollient

Dec 14 2013 12:44 Pssst Santa, Alex wants...
Illuminated torch
(This is Andy posting for alex - he told me he needed one)
Dec 14 2013 12:47 Pssst Santa, Steve wants...
Steve says - whoever has skip should call him because he knows exactly what skip means
Dec 03 2014 15:13 Pssst Santa, Mum wants...
we need to get this list going for 2014. so here's my request: 100% cotton pajama bottoms, flannel or knit. a plaid. to go with black. thanks, santa.